A Unique Approach

Photography is integrated into every part of my life. 

Reflections and other in camera techniques are part of how I stylistically document my subject, my art, my work. I'm fully trained in creating surrealistic images and collages in post editing. My education gave me a solid foundation so I could grow and learn with Adobe Creative Cloud products.Recently I had the privilege of acquiring the most beautiful spot as my new studio. It was built in 1888. I'm especially proud of its history as the first Kansas Republican party was established in that very room (not that I affiliate with politics) The beauty that remains is proof of it's significance.

Anywhere I am I see the way the light hits that at this angle. Whether it’s of my kids, my friends, or that silver lining around the clouds. Every chance I have to get my focal point on something new it is my passion to take the shot! The thing I love about photography the most is the way it can evoke emotion. Whether it's a travel piece that allows your mind to wander from your desk or an heirloom senior portrait my goal is for you to love the feeling you get when you look at my art.

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Historic Downtown Topeka

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