Brandy Harper


Native to Topeka, I was born in St. Francis Hospital, attended Shawnee Heights and Graduated from Washburn University. Although I have left many times, grass roots always call me home.

While perusing my art, my work and my passion I hope you notice things like the careful attention to detail in creating the sets, the lights, the wardrobe choices, etc. As a photographer of 25 years I have learned the rhythm for designing such sessions around the desired characteristics my clients are hoping to accentuate by a hiring me!

I am a classically trained photographer. I’m a believer that you have to know the rules to break them. I learned how to be a photographer on film and in a darkroom. To me photography is the creation of something that didn’t exist before that has the qualities of something that lasts forever. Portraiture is an art that dates back to the beginning of humanity. I consider it to be an integral part of our legacy.

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