Thomasina DeMaio, San Francisco Painter, been part of the Artist Elites since the late 70's, maybe the 80's she told me all the stories of the times of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco. It changed the population of the area. She said every week someone would pass away. She talked about that topic a lot to me over the couple of days we spent together. Her Art Gallery and Studio was a front face for the testing clinic actually. Her Gallery was called Art Saves Lives. Located at 512? Castro st San Francisco CA. We met in March of 2017 and exactly one year later she kept her promise to me and hosted a show for me, and other artists too of course. I was just a wanderer from Kansas as far as she knew. But she found me through a quiet Topeka girl fb I made. She made a comment under one of my photos and said come do a show in my gallery. I think its what she said. From the get, before we ever met. So I went to the gallery. Trekked my way cause I didn't have access to a vehicle and I only used public transportation the whole month I was there. And lots of walking. Lots. Of. walking.

It was a pretty great day. Pretty great. .... 

She recently had a dream she shared that made me think of our time together. So I want to share our story. There's a lot to it. I'll get it out soon. :) 

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